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Outclass is a mobile app that connects students, parents, teachers and educational institutions by providing information about the academic life of a student on smart phones.

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The academic information about students is fed into Outclass through its integration with the educational management software at each educational institution. To do so, we developed a highly flexible API that is perfect for a wide variety of integration standards.

Thus, teachers and administrators do not need to do things twice, but only enter grades, absences, schedules, test content and other academic information once, just like they always do. The integration does the rest.

To best serve schools, institutes, colleges, and universities we are establishing partnerships with the leading educational software management companies (ERPs) in Brazil. To find out if your educational institutional is integrated just download our app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Grades: the teacher posts them and outclass lets you know. Its that simple!

A single app for everyone makes everything more practical

With a single app, Outclass, a student can accompany academic information from more than one school, that is, a student who is in the last year of high school in the morning, studies English in the afternoon and at night has a college prep course, does not need 3 apps.

In the same way, parents who have children in one or more schools can accompany all of them with no need for a different app for each institution.

Keeping track of test dates and absences are concerns from the past, we do it for you!

Look at all the great features!

Academic performance

GPA of the student and class, average per course by student and by class, student’s grades on each test, class average for each test and absences.


Alerts appear on the cellphone when grades are posted and when approaching the limit of absences.


Allows the school and or teachers to send messages to a single student, parent or groups of students and parents, by class, grade, period, etc.

Tests and alarms

Test schedule, test content, work schedule with standard and programmable alarms.


Class schedule for every day of the week

News feed

Bulletin board with information posted by teachers, school or by outclass manually or automatically.


Location, e-mail and telephone of all the school departments.

Rapid integration: our app is so flexible that any erp or educational management software can be integrated with outclass in 1 or 2 days.

outclass, its made for you


This is the fastest, simplest and least expensive way to get important information to students and their parents. It’s ideal for any school from the elementary grades on, including high schools, colleges, distance courses, specialized courses, vocational and language schools, or college preparation coursers.


Never again forget to study for a test or risk not passing because of absences. Check your grades, averages, test content and dates, receive messages and alerts on your cellphone, get news and always be connected to your teachers and all your schools with a single app.

Parents and guardians

Outclass is the best way to be more present in the academic life of your children or other dependents. Keeping in close touch from early on stimulates students to get better grades and avoids having problems be discovered when it’s too late to fix them.


Having an open, real time communication channel with students and their parents is the best way to keep them informed and engaged. With Outclass, when a teacher posts a grade, everyone is immediately aware. Its possible to send last minute messages, publish information in the news feed and much more.


Outclass is developed to easily integrate with a wide variety of educational management software used throughout Brazil.

If you are a software company that serves educational institutions and want to offer a mobile solution to your clients, please contact us.

With Outclass, your company will have no development, maintenance or technical support costs for new tools or the need to create new versions to accompany changes in iOs and Android operating systems.

We’re waiting for your contact to begin a long-lasting partnership

With outclass, schools are always connected with students and their parents.

Get to know our staff

Antonio Gonzaga

CEO & Co-founder

Andrés Galante

CDO & Co-founder

Miguel Galante


Marcos Buson


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